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The meanings of Love £6.99
Author(s): Storkey A Catalogue number: E.1.182
The idea of love has millions of supporters. Each generation applaud it both loudly and in romantic whispers. Everyone wants to give it and to receive it. Yet every night men and women sob as they realise that for them love has died. And the cynics are getting younger. What is love? Why do we so often get it wrong? Why do lovers experience- and cause- so much hurt? This book investigates the model of man-woman love which we so often espouse, shows where they lead, and explores their inner logic. It encourages us to examine what is going on in our own relationships. It points us to the place where the true meaning of love is to be found, so that we can begin to prove its gentle power in our lives.
Section: E , sub-section: 1
Catalogue Entry: 5.50
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